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Our Vision

We believe in the boundless potential of every learner. Our vision is a world where geography doesn't dictate access to quality education, and the constraints of traditional classrooms are a thing of the past.


We envision a future where immersive and interactive experiences drive discovery, foster curiosity, and empower learners everywhere.

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Our Approach

Our fully immersive technology not only incorporates – but enhances – the proven, traditional forms of learning in a seamless, safe and reliable way.


Our pioneer providers have mastered new pedagogical approaches to improve customary forms of education, without the teacher needing technical knowledge. Our innovative solution keeps the human-to-human experience; blending the way that new generations consume learning with the key foundations of traditional delivery.

I-Immersive connects minds across geographical distances through our innovative education ecosystem. This collaborative network provides the solution for teaching shortages by connecting students and teachers alike, into a fully immersive learning experience. 

Transforming education, I-Immersive bridge the physical space between students and staff across any geographical distance, opening up a network of highly skilled lecturers who can transfer their knowledge and stimulate learning without the boundaries of location.

We provide a commercial solution to financial and fiscal issues faced by educational providers, in particular; colleges, training providers and school sixth-forms.

I-Immersive provide the opportunity to access highly skilled educators through our cutting edge, advanced pedagogical approach. Providing original, dynamic learning spaces for flexible, interactive and linked teaching.

We deliver a seamless, secure, fully managed real-time connection across schools, colleges or campuses to boost student engagement. All delivered in modern, stimulating and technologically-advanced learning environments.

I-Immersive provide contemporary learning spaces of consistent design.


Our solutions accommodate the practical and social needs of the modern classroom setting, whilst empowering you to deliver and receive high-quality ‘real-time’ learning to or from any location across the globe powered by our unique ClassView platfrom.


Each immersive room is a complete ‘all-in-one’ solution, optimised for the i-immersive network. All rooms are enhanced with a minimum of 5 HD screens and all the hardware necessary to provide the best possible experience.

Included in the annual subscription is the benefit of a fully managed ‘real-time’ communication service. Our service is fully cloud based and runs on the ClassView platform; a highly-scalable, secure video service with fully resilient global points of presence, supporting thousands of users.

Included in the subscription:

  • A comprehensive, state of the art, ClassView Immersive Space

  • Professional academic staff training

  • Dedicated UK based technical support

  • Access to the i-immersive Network


We have fine-tuned the most effective pedagogical approaches in multi-location, digital delivery. Our comprehensive training and support ensures your practitioners excel in immersive delivery to maximise the opportunity the immersive network brings:

  • Simplifies digital delivery

  • Ensures consistency in quality of delivery

  • Boosts engagement and enhances the experience

  • Produces the best learner outcomes

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Delivery & Transformation

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